Alliance 8.7 Partners United Way Worldwide and ILO launch new project on forced labour

Alliance 8.7 Partners United Way Worldwide and the UN’s International Labour Organization have joined forces on a project aimed at determining the cost of eradicating forced labour. This 2-year project will produce regional and global costing estimates, tailored to cost interventions to tackle specific forms of forced labour within multiple industries and regional contexts.

To ensure that the project draws from a diversity of perspectives, a core tripartite body composed of partners from governments, social partners, CSOs and UN agencies, and key members of the Alliance 8.7 global partnership network, will serve as Coordinating Committee for the project. A Technical Expert Group will also be developed as part of the project and will inform the Coordinating Committee on the modelling and research process.

The project will also draw upon the efforts of the Alliance 8.7 global partnership to end child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery. The project will focus specifically on the Pathfinder Country process, to produce estimates of the cost to eliminate forced labour in five countries representing different regions and roadmaps to accelerate action toward eradication.

Project research outputs are designed to inform and direct increased, targeted donor investments based on context-specific strategies to deal with both incidence and vulnerability to labour exploitation.