iom-migration group

Migration Action Group 1st Meeting 2024

The Alliance 8.7 Migration Action Group aims to develop and implement plans and initiatives to strengthen commitments in migration contexts and accelerate actions in achieving Target 8.7. This Action Group works in close collaboration with other Alliance 8.7 action groups, and build synergies with other Global platforms, commitments and pledges, and global and regional events.  42 partners of Alliance 8.7 are members of the Action Group.

 The meeting held on April focused on establishing priorities for 2024 to support Pathfinder Countries in their efforts to meet target 8.7:

 Strengthen partnerships through enhance collaboration and sharing of promising practices amongst partners

  • Build knowledge and evidence on interlinkages between disasters due to natural hazards, environmental degradation, climate change, migration and trafficking in persons, especially children
  • Strengthen advocacy through collaboration with the Interagency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT) capitalizing on the resources, knowledge, and expertise of ICAT and Alliance 8.7 members