What we do

Promoting safe, orderly, and regular migration pathways to combat human trafficking, forced labour, child labour, and modern slavery worldwide

The Migration Action Group works closely with partners to develop and implement plans and initiatives to strengthen Target 8.7 commitments in migration contexts.


The system

The Migration Action Group has four workstreams to carry out activities during a one-year work plan. The workstreams are: 

  1. Research and knowledge
  2. Resource mobilisation
  3. Strategy and policy development
  4. Tools and technical cooperation

The thematic areas

The Migration Action Group focuses on the following outcomes:

  1. Increased policy-relevant research and expanded knowledge base. 
  2. Strengthened capacity of Pathfinder Countries to develop and implement clearly articulated strategies for achieving progress and policy impact on migration and trafficking issues.
  3. Rigorous evaluations, research, and digital tools are available to Alliance 8.7 members.