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Ending forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour

The challenge

There are currently millions of people in modern slavery and child labour.

160 Million
Children in child labour
50 Million
People in modern slavery

399 Partners

Alliance 8.7 partners from around the world work together to achieve SDG target 8.7.


Useful tools, publications, and other resources to support Partners and all interested stakeholders in efforts to reach SDG Target 8.7.


Voices and Commitments

Read, watch, and listen to first hand narratives that shed light how individuals, organizations, and partnership networks like Alliance 8.7 are fighting for basic human rights.

Irina Todorova
Interview with Irina Todorova, Migration Action Group

There are clear connections between migration and SDG Target 8.7 issues (human trafficking, forced labour, child labour, and modern slavery).

From child labour to decent work in Mauritania

How Alioune navigated legal employment in the fishing industry

Claudia Fuentes Julio
The new Chair of Alliance 8.7

Ambassador Claudia Fuentes Julio is the new Chair of the Global Partnership against Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking, and Modern Slavery


Workshops, forums, conferences and more

IOE conf
International conference: Navigating between hard and soft law: Enhancing business prepardness

The 2024 edition of this business-led annual event will highlight key developments in the human rights and responsible business conduct field. 

Profits and Poverty
Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour

We are pleased to invite you to the global launch of a new ILO report entitled “Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour”.

This report

Asia RC-2
ILO Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting on Child Labour and Forced Labour

Despite making progress, the Asia-Pacific region still faces significant challenges, with 48.7 million children and 15.1 million adults trapped in

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