Webinar: The role of local businesses in area-based approaches to ending child labour

  • 25 May 2021
  • Online Webinar

Alliance 8.7 has already held two webinars on ending child labour, with both highlighting the success of area-based approaches. The Alliance 8.7 then partnered with the Work: No Child’s Business Alliance (WNCB) to organise a webinar on the role of local businesses in area-based approaches and to answer the following questions:

What is behind the success of area-based approaches to ending child labour?
What role can local businesses play?
What are the incentives for local businesses to get involved?
What are the barriers to involvement and how can these be overcome?
What policy frameworks are helpful?
What works on the ground and what does not?
Where can I access useful tools and resources?

Our expert panellists discussed the above and answered your questions.

The webinar took place on Tuesday 25 May, 15:00-16:30 CEST. In parallel, Alliance 8.7 and WNCB moderated an online discussion from Thursday 20 May to Thursday 27 May on the same topic.