Calls for expression of interest

Alliance 8.7 Chair, Vice-Chair and new Global Coordinating Group governance structure

Following decisions made at the Alliance 8.7 Strategic Workshop in December 2022, the Alliance 8.7 Global Coordinating Group (GCG) is issuing calls for expression of interest for the following seats:

Chair and Vice-Chair seats

The current terms of the Alliance 8.7 Chair and Vice-Chair, held by the Government of France and the Government of Argentina respectively, will end in May 2023.  The new term will be for a three-year period.

For more information and to apply see here.

New government seats

A new governance structure for Alliance 8.7 has been adopted, allocating seats for Pathfinder Countries and development partner governments as follows:

– Five seats for Pathfinder Country representatives (in principle one per region).
– Five seats for development partner governments.

For more information and to apply see here.

The Alliance’s Global Coordinating Group (GCG) reviews progress and provides strategic direction to the Alliance.  It decides on the creation of new Action Groups and Working Groups and supports the implementation of their workplans. It reviews Roadmaps of candidate Pathfinder Countries, provides feedback on them, and grants Pathfinder Country status to candidates as appropriate.   It monitors and supports the implementation of Pathfinder Country Roadmaps, particularly through its SDG Target 8.7 Monitoring Working Group.The GCG includes representatives of the Alliance’s key stakeholder groups.  For more information about GCG members, see here.