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Please take a few moments to fill out the following form to request membership to Alliance 8.7. Please note that membership to Alliance 8.7 is free and open to organisations and States who are:

- Actively implementing programs contributing towards Target 8.7 and/or with a mandate to contribute towards Target 8.7; and
- Committed to achieving Target 8.7 and upholding applicable international standards, including international labour standards.

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As an authorized representative of my organization, I seek to associate my organisation with Alliance 8.7 – global partnership to end modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking and child labour.

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I further acknowledge that the Alliance is not a policy making, standard setting or supervisory body. The existing supervisory systems of the UN structure remain the established, overarching mechanisms to monitor and review implementation of existing international standards. The Alliance will at all times act to support and implement recommendations emerging from these supervisory mechanisms and existing international standards to address forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour in all its forms.